2018    It is bent, it is bollywood it is so much more

2018    Raunchy yet riveting

2018    Review: Bent Bollywood

2018    Smart beyond their bodies

2018    Raina displays power of dance

2018    Bending gender through dance

2018    New twist on Indian dance set to dazzle

2017    Arangetram Next-gen Approach

2017    Debut with a difference

2016    Deconstructing Bharatanatyam

2016    The Dance of Vedanta

2015    The Beauty and Technical Rigour of Classical             Indian Dance Interpreted by a Divine Couple

2015   In Plain Sanskrit - Reviewed

2015    Complexity disguised 'In Plain Sanskrit'

2015   Stepping Back in Time

2015   Dance Program on the Precipice of Tradition

2015   Art of the Ancients

2015    Tradition and Modernity: an interview

2015    A Dance Performance That Erases Boundaries

2014    Performers Embrace Universal Language of     

2014    Govind Pillai's Journey of
            Social Change Through Art

2014   Classical Indian Arts in a New
           Australian Generation

2014    Mother Tongue Opens at Bangarra

2013    Usha Ramanujam reviews Sutra

2013    Tagore Comes Alive

2013    Tagore’s Vision The Poetry of India

2011     Finding the Divine in Dance

2011     Sarvesha

2010    Krishna’s Magic Flute

2010    Shakti Dominates Body & Soul

2010    Rare Chance to Watch Two Dancing Siblings

2009   Govind Pillai is a Brilliant Dancer

2009   Govind Conquers Bhava & Bhakti

2009   A Passion for Dance

2008   A Sentimental Yatra

2007   The Dance of the Five Elements


Govind Pillai on ABC Radio discussing Karma Dance's production "Sutra : secrets of classical Indian dance in Byron Bay.


Govind Pillai in panel discussion on classical Indian music (Polyphonix Radio)

Govind Pillai on RRR Radio's Smart Arts program discussing Karma Dance's production Bent Bollywood with Richard Watts

Govind Pillai in panel discussion on classical Indian dance (Polyphonix Radio)

SBS Malayalam Radio interviews Govind about the production 'In Plain Sanskrit'

Govind Pillai and Raina Peterson talk about Bent Bollywood

Raina Peterson talks about Midsumma 2018 show Bent Bollywood

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